Fertility affects mate preferences

Women's behavioural engagement with a masculine male heightens during the fertile window: Evidence for the cycle shift hypothesis

Evolution and Human Behaviour Study suggests fertile women prefer masculine men, shown in a quiz-show experiment where host masculinity varied. Fertile women showed increased romantic attraction and faster responses to masculine hosts, supporting Gangestad and Thornhill’s hypothesis.

July 2012 · Heather D. Flowe, Elizabeth Swords, James C. Rockey
Marginal Effect of Ideology on Government Spending Conditional on Income per Capita

Ideology and the Growth of Government

Review of Economics and Statistics A simple extension of the Meltzer-Richard model implies that redistribution an public spending depends on income, the identity of the median voter, and their interaction. Using manifesto data, we show the interaction of ideology and mean income has a major role in explaining the increase and divergence in government size observed across OECD countries.

Andrew Pickering, James Rockey