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Dirty Looks: Politicians’ facial appearance and unethical behaviour

The Leadership Quarterly In the 2009 expenses scandal, an analysis on 636 MPs’ facial appearance found that those perceived as more attractive or with criminal traits overclaimed less. However, MPs appearing competent overclaimed more. The findings link to theories of moral licensing and consistency.

October 2022 · James Rockey,  Harriet Smith, Heather Flowe
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The wounds that do not heal: Long-term effects of youth-unemployment

Economica Using UK data, the study reveals unemployment between ages 18-20 results in a 1.2% yearly permanent income drop. This “scar effect” lessens at ages 21-23 and vanishes thereafter. The impact is harshest for those at the lower end of the ability spectrum.

October 2021 · Gianni De Fraja, Sara Lemos, James C Rockey
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Expressive voting with booing and cheering: Evidence from Britain

European Journal of Political Economys Expressive Voting research typically emphasizes what voters support. This paper expands the scope to account for voter opposition or ‘booing.’ Analyzing UK election data, we observe a rising trend in this behavior, discussing its role in recent political polarization shifts.

March 2021 · Javier Rivas, James Rockey
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In the Grip of Whitehall? The Effects of Party Control on Local Fiscal Policy in the UK

The study evaluates the influence of political parties on local fiscal policy in England and Wales from 1998-2015. It found that no party affected any aspect of fiscal policy, likely due to central government constraints.

Ben Lockwood, Francesco Porcelli, James Rockey